When Will the New Samsung S22 Arrive?

Samsung and Apple have been dominating smartphone charts for many years. Their top models have set new standards of technical parameters and design and once a year, the fans are placed under a spell of upcoming new releases. And just like every year, the successor to the Samsung S21 should be ready in a few months. The rumors are already simmering as fans passionately debate numerous features.

The wait shouldn’t be as difficult since January 2022 is almost around the corner. Then the annual cycle ends at which Samsung commonly presents its new top model. But this time, there are numerous indications that the manufacturer will shorten the waiting time and will soon be introducing the S22 to the public. Samsung did not confirm any date yet, but the S21 also saw the light of day earlier than expected. Samsung had previously announced its models in February and then told the public that the start of sales was in March. Most recently, however, supply chains have been disrupted by events around the world. This could as well indicate that the S22 might come later than predicted. Meanwhile, the company has also announced that they will not present the Galaxy Note 21 in the third quarter as usual.

Persistently High Price?

Although numerous leaks flood the Internet, there is still no information about the possible price of the S22. However, one can safely assume that the figure will be set in the same range as the S21, for which you paid around 849 Euros. Other versions cost slightly more: 1,049 Euros for the S21 + and 1,239 Euros for the S21 Ultra. The competition in the premium segment of smartphones remains high. Therefore, you can assume that the manufacturer would not strive for a dramatic price increase in order to retain its market share.

In the meantime, insiders have gathered some new insights into the situation. There are numerous references to the features of the new generation of state-of-the-art smartphones. Some even spoke of a 200-megapixel sensor for the new camera, which is truly mind boggling. In addition, they point out that a lot of the quality depends on the software. So, we can safely assume that Samsung will at least try to optimize the existing 108-megapixel sensors further. In addition, Samsung is said to collaborate with Olympus in the future as they hope to mount the best cameras on their smartphones.

Samsung – Persistently High Price?

The display size of the new smartphones should range between 6.06 inches to 6.81 inches. According to the leaks, the new devices should also include an Exynos 2200 chip set. The battery performance should improve again; after all, this is a proven weak point of Samsung devices. In terms of design, the new devices in the S22 series will differ in appearance. The S22 and S22 + are said to have a plastic back while the S22 Ultra should be coated in glass. So, that is also something to be excited about. The next few months will prove whether the rumors surrounding the new Samsung smartphones were correct or not.

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