Internationale Funkausstellung

Internationale Funkausstellung, IFA, is the largest and most relevant electronic exhibition in Europe. A direct translation means international radio exhibition but today it is not all about radios. The exhibition has grown to a large innovation convent where world leading companies show their best and leading products.


The first exhibition was in 1924, which means it is one of the oldest exhibitions in Europe. The nearly hundred-year-old exhibition was created for creators and inventors to show their work to the people. In the first years, the radios were in focus, different types of radios with different shapes and functions. Even at that time the exhibition was the biggest for inventors. At the opening of the exhibition in 1930 it was Albert Einstein that did the grand inauguration. At that show the television was shown. The exhibition had a break during and after World War II but started again in 1950. Now VHF was in the spotlight. VHF means Very High Frequency and works on frequencies between 30 and 300 megahertz. The earlier used system HF (High Frequency) worked between 3 and 30 megahertz. VHF had just become standard for German authorities since they, at an international afterwar conference, received a minimum of low and middle frequencies. At the exhibition in 1967, the first colour television was presented.

IFA Today

In modern time IFA, all the leading tech companies in the world participate. Last year there were more than 240 000 visitors and 1800 exhibitors. The people that visit the exhibition do so to see the absolute latest in the high-tech business. Every year something new makes the visitors jaws drop. This is what makes the exhibition so extremely popular. Take the television as an example. After being able to see everything in colour, brightness and sound were improved for every year. Devices were thinner and thinner but larger on the other side, and technique improved. From the small fat screen in the beginning to the super thin ones with built-in technology of today.

Hub for Producers and Buyers

To say that the exhibition is a hub for the business is no understatement. Producers, buyers and technical experts come to Berlin from all over the world. As a buyer you get a glance at the global situation and can make decisions on assortment based on that. The producers get a chance to show their unique products and see how they match their competition in interest and technique. The technical experts have the possibility to exchange experiences and use the exhibition as a way to discuss future innovations and designs.


IFA today holds a meeting for the top in every segment. It is divided into Interaction, Intelligence, Experience and Society. Interaction is about evolving the internet, Intelligence is about artificial intelligence and smart homes and Experience is about virtual reality. Society examines the possibility and the ways of integrating virtual workplaces, social network into our society. Of course, these meetings will lead to new and improved products in the future. A visit to IFA this year, next year or in five years will show a massive evolvement in the world of tech.