Consumer Electronics show (CES)

Electronics in Las Vegas

What can be better than holding electronics show in Las Vegas? The city that never sleeps, with all its casinos, neon lights and high tech is very suited to host a convention like this. The show, exhibition, or convent is sponsored by Consumer Electrics Association and is held in Las Vegas Convention Centre. The first time for it was in June 1967 but then it was held in New York.


Seasonal convention

Between 1978 and 1994, the show was divided into winter part in Las Vegas under the name “Winter Consumer Electronics Show” and the summer part in Chicago which was held in June under the name “Summer Consumer Electronics Show”. In 1995, the winter part was held as usual in Las Vegas and was as well-visited as always. The summer part in Chicago on the other hand lost visitors. A thought then came to the developers to start having the summer part in different cities every summer. The following years, the show in the summer lost its greatness when other electronic events were held at the same time, but the winter part was just as successful as always. Developers then decided to have it just once a year in Las Vegas, and so it has been since 1998. The show is the biggest of its kind and the process of the show takes 18 days in total.

Presentation of Unique Products

In the ‘60s focus was on pocket radios and television and the different kinds and variants. In the 70´s Philips presented the first tool to make home videos, their N1500 videocassette recorder, in the future it was to be called a VCR. Machines just like it was already being used at tv-stations and the price for those were around 50 000 dollars. Philips VCR was sold for just 900 dollars and came to be very common in American homes and then throughout the world. In the winter of 1979 Atari presented their home computers Atari 400 and 800 Now homes started having computers as well. Commodore 64 was introduced with Consumer Electronics Vectrex in 1982. Vectrex was a video game consisting of a screen with a built-in processor and handset to control the game.

21st Century – Development is Running Wild

In the 21st century, many homes were equipped with computers and video games. What happened now was that computers got more power and the software got more complex. A preview of Windows XP Media Center Edition was presented at CES in 2002. One of the most memorable moments in the 21st century was unfortunately not a positive one. When Microsoft chairman Bill Gates were to present Windows Media Center in 2005, something went terribly wrong. It resulted in “Blue Screen of Death”, something that most visitors seemed to enjoy. The same year the visitors got to see the Samsung flagship, a 102-inch plasma-TV. The latest show was held in January 2019. For four days nearly 190 000 people visited and about 4400 exhibitors. This year something a bit controversial happened at the exhibition, a very lifelike sex doll was presented. This has raised both critique and delight, but one can only wonder whether the market is ready for that kind of exhibition. Except the sex doll, there was a lot of focus on robots and how they can help in our everyday work.

The Exhibition Grows

As development is increasing, producers are presenting more and more advanced products. There doesn´t seem to be any limit on what can be done. Innovative and talented engineers are always on new paths of creating products to enlighten our lives. The market creates itself is an easy way to express the development. As long as things are evolving, consumers will buy. As true as it is simple!


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