COMPUTEX Taipei, or as it is also called Taipei International Information Technology Show, is a computer exhibition that is held yearly in Taipei, Taiwan. It is, since the beginning of the 21st century, the largest exhibition in Asia on technics and computers.

Governmentally Funded

It is the Taiwanesian government that is behind most of the exhibition. It is TAITRA, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, who is the head organiser together with parts of the private sector. Taipei Computer Association is an umbrella organisation for the computer producers in Taiwan. The first exhibition was held in 1981 under the name Taipei Computer show. It started as a forum for computer producers and companies in the country where they could show their products. The fact that the authorities are providing funds to the exhibition shows that they actively want to increase the export market. When the exhibition was expanding to the international market in the beginning of the ‘90s, it was held at the showhall at the Taipei Songshan Airport. COMPUTEX has rapidly expanded since then and is now an important part of evolving IT globally. COMPUTEX is the second largest electronics exhibition in the world after the leading CeBIT.  In the beginning they had large problems finding an area big enough to hold all of the exhibitors and visitors. The solution was to divide domestic sales from the export. The domestic sales were ended in 1991 to concentrate on exports.

New Halls

After having gone back to concentrate on exports they realized that living arrangements for visitors and exhibitors were a big problem. Several countries were searching for better places to meet when it came to discussing large orders. They found The Grand Hyatt Taipei that was a relatively good location at a rather low cost. The result was that those rooms are always taken by countries when COMPUTEX is coming up. In 1995 when they started using Taipei Convention Center it lured some international companies, like Intel, to join the exhibition. After 1995 more exhibition halls have been opened. In 2000 they opened Taipei World Trade 2nd Exhibition Hall. After the global panic following the SARS outbreak, in 2003 the Taipei World Trade 3rd Exhibition Hall was opened. This year the exhibition was a bit delayed since many people waited to see the outcome of the SARS-epidemic.

Transport Issues

Every year at the time of the exhibition it is an understatement to say that there is chaos in the traffic surrounding the halls. The worst area is around Taipei City hall. The number one challenge for the Taipei police is pedestrians crossing the streets. Every year there is a new record on traffic jams in accordance to the COMPUTEX-exhibition. To make it run as smoothly as possible they have created taxi zones where only taxis are allowed. There are also special on and off zones. The communal service is heavily strengthened, and the visitors are requested to use buses and trains as much as possible. A system is in progress to get all transports integrated in “Taipei Rapid Transit” but before this is ready mainly buses are used. Buses are free of charge and go between halls and several hotels and the Taoyuan International Airport.

Among the exhibitors you can find many large and famous names and companies. From around the world you have companies like Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. The domestic contributors are Acer and Asus.

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